Powder Coating Foundry OEM Low Pressure Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel

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Our Powder Coating Foundry OEM Low Pressure Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel is an excellent choice for various industries, including manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food & beverage factories, farms, construction works, energy & mining, and food & beverage shops. This product offers a one-year warranty and supports customization for both OEM and ODM.

Product Features

This Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel is manufactured through a low-pressure casting process and comes with a casting tolerance of CT5-7 for aluminum alloy die casting parts. It is machined using CNC Machining/ Lathing/ Milling/ Turning/ Boring/ Drilling processes. The surface treatment can be anodized or painted as per the customer’s request. The product is packaged in a multi-layer wooden box/pallet with a big plastic bag inside to ensure its protection. We accept orders for small quantities and have a MOQ of 500pcs for mass production.

Product Applications

Our Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel is versatile and can be used in a variety of industries:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Armament
  • Automobile industry
  • Computing equipment
  • Medical / dental instruments
  • Measuring instruments

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the durability and longevity of the Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel, regular maintenance is essential:

  • Regular Inspection and Repair: Regular checks for any wear and tear or any other kind of damage can ensure the longevity of the wheel. If any damage is detected, immediate repairs should be done.
  • Regular Cleaning: Keeping the wheel clean can prevent the build-up of dust and other particles, which can affect its performance.
  • Lubrication: Regular lubrication of the wheel can improve its performance and extend its life.
  • Regular Replacement: Like all mechanical parts, the wheel will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Regular replacement ensures the machine’s smooth operation.

We encourage you to explore our range of products and assure you of their quality and durability. Discover the difference a high-quality Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel can make to your operation. Contact us today to place your order!

About Us

We are a leading manufacturer of mechanical transmission parts, specializing in the production of European standard taper sleeve pulley, TB type taper sleeve pulley, American standard taper sleeve pulley, QD type taper sleeve, taper sleeve type multi-wedge pulley, and other related products. We offer top-quality products that meet international standards and cater to the unique needs of our clients from all over the world.


  1. What is the warranty period for the Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel?
    Our Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel comes with a one-year warranty.
  2. What is the minimum order quantity for mass production?
    The minimum order quantity for mass production is 500 pieces.
  3. What is the process used for the manufacturing of the Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel?
    The Aluminum Casting Pulley Wheel is manufactured using a low-pressure casting process.